Some pictures...

 ..from Mombasa...

Having dinner at a normal resturant. We felt that we were in heaven!

I even found sparkling water!! aaah <3

My love! Coconut <3


Meat market... iiiuuu :/

New dress =D

Walking in the village outside TICC...

Puppies <3 Soooo cute!!


Visiting a school.. crazy african kidz!

And soo beautiful.. <3

Toga Party :D

Posing with the Masai ;)

Since it was kind of me and Ingvild's goodbye party we had to dance with the Masai at their performance again..

Haha. Soo funny.. and we felt soo stupid. haha.

Marianne (Ingvild's sister) me and Mirelle

Ingvild and me :)

Nowdays we are doing the last interviews. Then on friday we are going to Zanzibar for a couple of days to get the last tan before we go home;) THEN in less than two weeks, on friday, in 10 days we are flying north!! I have had 4 wonderful months here, but no I'm reaally looking forward to come home.

I miss you! But see you soon!! :D

Hope you are all fine:)

Ingrid <3

Ps; Listen to this song. I Love it :)



How are you?

Here are some photos from the African Party. No we are back from Mombasa. We had a great time! I'll show you photos later :)

Thanks for an amazing night!! <3

What do you think about the outfit? ;)

Ingrid <3


Mombasa, Kenya!

Hey ho!

Just wanted to say that I'm going to Mombasa in Kenya!! =D The reason is because we have to get a new visa and because we want to visit Mombasa. + We have heard that it is very beautiful there:)

I didn't manage to upload photos from the party so I'll do it when we come back :)


Ingrid <3

Congratulations and celebration!

For the best fieldwork buddy! :) Hope you had a good day!

Here are some photos from our time in Tanzania :)


Masai village

Kili time :)



Mamba family <3




Happy birthday dear Ingvild :)

Nakupenda wewe!

Ingrid <3

Sneak peak!


Mirelle & Ingvild

Me, sleeping..

In the Dala Dala. Over crowded as usual.. :P

Pizza again ;)

Having fun with the hat we bought to Vegard :P Haha

An then - a sneak peak on the outfit. I'll show you later ;) Can you guess which one is mine??

Ingrid <3

In 5 weeks...

... I'm coming home!!

Even though I loove my African life, I have to say that I' looking forward to go home:)

Bergen <3

However, I still have some fun things to do before I'm coming home, so I cannot start missing home yet :) For example, tonight it's easter party at TICC - with an African theme =D This afternoon we are going to town to buy a new dress for the party! Weee, it's going to be soo much fun. I'll show you outfit pictures this afternoon or tomorrow ;)

2 pics from a former party :)

Easy Men is coming =D

But Hanne and Maren is not... :( Have a nice trip back home you two cuties :))

We love African music! =)

Have a good day! No i'ts writing time..

Ingrid <3

Karibuni intervall!! :)

(Karibuni means welcome in Swahili :))

Since I'm about to become a super blogger I had to take some pictures after todays workout as well.

Me at the gate. Karibuni! :)

The super team: From left me, Mussa and Ingvild.

Abraham, me and Mussa.

Sooo tired after my hard workout (intervaller). Hehe.

Okey, not that tired. Had to jump a bit afterwards of course...

Nå hopper jeg til sengs. ("I'm jumping to bed:P")

Good night. Lala salama :)

Ingrid <3

(Ps: Thank you for all the comments. I love it. And I love you ;) Keep up the good work ;))

Sun(ny)day & 2day :)

Week-end = Boat trip =D

And this time it was time for the sandbank again. Totally loves it!! Paradis on earth!

Then for dinner we went to the Pizzeria with the nurse students from HIO.

Ingvild was quite happy to go ;) Hahah


In the Dala Dala (local transport)

This morning we worked on the paper.

In the afternoon we went to Tanga to buy some things.. and had lunch on a pretty shabby (lugubert sted, på godt norsk) place...since Food Palace and the pizzeria were closed.. :/

Me and my new love - Fanta Passion ah <3

Then we took a picture (to show you that we are exercising a bit too) before we went for a run ;)

Sporty spice =)














Have a good night! Tomorrow's gonna be a good (working)day :)

Ingrid <3

Hurraa hurraa hurraa!!

For denne fine karen som fyller år i dag. Håper du koser deg med en minst like stor drink i dag ;)

Love you <3

Safari njema sana!! :)

 = a very good journey:)

Here are some photos from the two weeks Petter was here. We had a really good time!! After a 10 hour bus ride I finally met Petter in Arusha. We had dinner, than we went to sleep and in the morning we were picked up by our driver.

The first thing we did was visiting a...

Snaaake park... :O


Then; Tarangire national park

The next day we visited the Ngorongoro crater. That was really, really cool!!


We came very close to the animals! :D


Then we went to Tanga.. 8 hours by bus..

After one night at TICC, we stayed one night at Baba Mamba and Mama Mamba´s house :)

And theeen, we flew to....

...ZANZIBAR!!!! =D

We had a great time <3

Then this beautiful lady came to joyne us for a drink (or 2..!)

Thank you for an amazing vacation!!!

Love you <3

As you can see we had an amazing trip (a bit expensive, but totally worth it!!). No I'm back in Tanga at TICC again. Thats nice, but I have to say that I wanted to go back to Norway with Petter when he left..

I'll try to post more often, but this week we have just been writing on our paper so not much interesting to write about. 

I miss you...

Ingrid <3

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